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Life Goals

Steep and wishful? Totally. But that doesn't make me want to accomplish these any less!

~sightsee in the UK

~commission the London Symphony Orchestra to play music of my choice

~visit: Sydney Opera House, a Mediterranean island, Mexico during El Dia de los Muertos, New England in the fall

~hit all the major historical places in the US

~see a Wimbledon match live

~attend the Beijing summer Olympics to watch Paul Gensic pole vault his way to a medal. Lucky for my pocketbook I didn't have to. But I *WILL* attend the London Olympics even if it breaks my bank account.

~see a ballet in The Met

~ride a motorcycle, a crotch rocket one

~climb a rock wall Attempted, but failed to reach the top

~surf on the west coast

~rent a convertible during the summer, put the top down, and go on a road trip down a coastline

~ride in a hot air balloon

~kiss in the pouring rain like in The Notebook Heck, I think I'll just settle for being kissed at all!

~direct a choir

~have my music professionally arranged

~own a children's bookstore

~learn more sign language

~go on a misions trip to another country and/or start one in Fort Wayne

~just get out of the country for once!

~volunteer for one of the following organizations: Habitat for Humanity, Casas por Cristo, Extreme Home Makeover, or Special Olympics

~shop in an open air market

~eat at a posh restaurant called JRDN where a dish smaller than the palm of your hand costs $50 - just once though! I didn't eat at JRDN, but I have eaten at a couple uberposh, expeeeeensive restaurants.

~touch a dolphin or whale

~see a Broadway musical: Wonderful Town, Dreamgirls, Fiddler on the Roof, and The Wild Party (Lippa's version, even though it's off-Broadway)

~go scuba diving

~go on a horse drawn sleigh ride over fresh snow

~be in Times Sqaure on New Year's Eve

~take a walk in Central Park

~stand in the crystal clear water of the Caribbean

~own a blue Mini Cooper with the Union Jack painted on the roof ... or a black Hyundai Tucson with a sunroof. I bought a Sonata.

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