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Vacation Part 4

We now return to our regular programming...

Sunday, June 8

~Late breakfast at the Kona Cafe in the Polynesian resort. Tonga Toast with strawberry compote and ice coffee. Yum. Though I'm sure it was my entire week's worth of sugar intake.

~Stopped at the Polynesian marina to check prices for a jet ski. Only the Contemporary had them. They wanted $75 per half hour. (uh, NO THANKS!) I decided to come back later to use my Sea Raycer voucher. $45 for an hour and a half. Much better price.

~Ferried over to the Magic Kingdom. Rode the usuals for not long.

~Back to my villa to suit up for an afternoon on the water. Back to the Polynesian.

~1.5 HOURS OF THRILLING SPEED BOAT MADNESS!! Bay Lake was huge but not a lot of stuff to see. Seven Seas Lagoon - way better! I haven't been boating since elementary school, so driving my own watercraft was GREAT!

~Changed back into clothes right at the Polynesian. Monorailed to the Grand Floridian to check the night's dinner menu at Citricos. Disappointingly, only one thing appealed to me, and it was something basic. I grudgingly cancelled my reservation. Concierge couldn't squeeze me into any of my chosen restaurants that night. Bummer. So I choose the Hollywood Brown Derby for Monday's lunch.

~Dinner at the Grand Floridian - Gasparilla Grill. My and Nathan's favorite counter service restaurant. I grabbed all our favorite food and then called to rub it in.

~Monorailed to the Magic Kingdom, ferried to the Ticket and Transportation Center, monorailed to Epcot for the evening.

~Took some pretty good evening pictures at Epcot, rode Test Track twice (single rider line strikes again!), missed Club Cool this time around, did some shopping, but the real reason I was there: to see "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth" AGAIN! It's my favorite Disney night show and my favorite Disney music.

~Monorail hopped to get to the Magic Kingdom (they had Extra Magic Hours). Played until 1:30 in the morning! I hit up all the same stuff as previously mentioned. The Magic Kingdom is totally different in the dark of night. It's so cool to experience the difference.

~Stayed up late packing for home the next day. Boo.

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